Client Decision Support

  • Conduct Project Kick-off meeting establishing Project Schedule, Goals, Objectives, Procedures, etc.
  • Development of Project Design Statement including Project Objectives
  • Evaluation of site selection alternatives
  • Evaluation of Landlord agreement and/or TI Work Letter
  • Coordinate furniture standards development and alternative vendor pricing
  • Analyze alternative Furniture vendor pricing models
  • Make Furniture vendor recommendation
  • Review and Recommend most cost effective method of furniture acquisition
  • Evaluate and Select Furniture dealership
  • Analyze Furniture product availability
  • Coordinate and review focus of design direction effects and decisions; Make sure we are doing the "right thing" from a functional as well as finishes standpoint
  • Office and Workstation standards and programming review as agreed
  • Review of Data and Telephone distribution technology
  • Review of Departmental layout, Shared and Support services
  • Review of Decentralized vs. Centralized Filing
  • Review of Decentralized vs. Centralized or Networked Faxing
  • Review of Decentralized vs. Centralized or Networked Copying
  • Review of Decentralized vs. Centralized or Networked Printing
  • Finishes and materials review
  • Review working drawings for compliance with design goals and constuctability. Obtain contractor input on drawing clarity / quality. Redmark drawings if necessary as agreed
  • Coordinate efforts of design team including the Contractor and Owner forecasts for necessary decision making
  • Assemble decision support information per agreement
  • Produce and update Project Cash Flow Projections as agreed
  • Identify and preorder long lead items as needed, direct assignment of warranty if contractor or prime subcontractor not yet selected
  • Analyze proposed design alternatives with contractor for adherence to Project Budget and Schedule
  • Develop and coordinate Move plan with Owner move coordination team at least one month in advance as agreed